Monday, 26 March 2012

Plates to Die For

The Full Collection
My Fav, The Skull Plate
Anybody want to buy me these gorgeous plates? Found them for sale at 'RE' a shop that sells all things 'recycled, reclaimed and reappropriated' and have fallen in love. This shop will be my first port of call when the other half and I start decorating.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Rejoicing In The Rain

Today I thought I'd post some music I've been playing around with. Some ambient relaxing music this time inspired by one of those fresh rainy days spent staring out of the window... So therefore it's called 'Rejoicing In The Rain'. Hope you like it! Download it here (right click and then 'save as').

Friday, 23 March 2012

Made North Conference Liverpool

Bit late but here's something I just had to share from my trip to the Made North Conference held at FACT. During the talk on designing for the future we were shown this menstruation machine by Hiromi Ozaki.

It allows men to experience menstruation. It was accompanied by a song and music video that did well in Japan which you can see below:

I was part shocked part inspired. It never occurred to me to design imaginary projects for the future. It has definitely changed my 3rd year final show work direction. Sadly I learnt the FACT shop is no more. If anyone knows anywhere to buy fanzines and self published items please get in touch.

Liverpool Local Publications

Here are some of the great free mags and papers available to pick up around Liverpool city centre.

I picked up:
LOUD AND QUIET - The Alternative Music Tabloid
Good Vibrations
& finally my favourite...
The Stool Pigeon. It's marvellously surreal. In the copy pictured there was a feature on 'The Critterati of the Animal Kingdom' such as this:

Scaptia (Plinthina) beyonceae
Lessard, 2011
Horse fly, discovered in the Atherton Tablelands, Northeast Queensland, Australia

It also features comics usually based around musicians such as this Pete Doherty 'game' by Krent Able:

Get a copy today!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

'Drive' Little White Lies D&AD Competition Entry

Little White Lies - Drive - Thomas Briers Entry

Here is my final design for the D&AD student awards competition for the Little White Lies magazine cover illustration. I chose to illustrate the film 'Drive' as I loved it. My theme was to show the contrast between the pretty boy character Gosling played and the hyper violent side to character. Fingers crossed till the winner is announced!

Illustration Work for Southport Pier Brochure

Here are some illustrations I created for a brief I was working on to create a brochure for Southport Pier for Silcock Leisure. The brochure was scrapped before it got to the content stage but I am quite fond of this illustration style and feel it would have worked well as a brochure.